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    Smoky vertical tube type furnace for heat exchanger(www.yybnkj.com) smoke tube furnace heat exchanger essence is volumetric change heat exchanger, structure form and ordinary hot water boiler of the same, in the 1940s improved to become smoke tube, and the heat exchange area and increasing, thermal efficiency can exceed 90, the application of strong exhaust hood, folded leaves, let hot flue gas in pipe flow rate increased, and the formation of large angle of the direction of gas flow and the inner wall.


    The smoke pipe of the heat exchanger is vertically upward, and the upper side of the upper side of the upper machine is strong, and the heat fume is higher in the smoke pipe, and no dead angle can not deposit the soot and ash. All heating surface in contact with the water, high temperature flame direct contact heat transfer surface, heat is not serious, the use of copper materials also don't have to protect (must be deoxidized copper). Therefore, the heating surface is not easy to produce and is not easy to deposit soot and ash. Long term use, thermal efficiency is almost no decline. Because the volume type heat exchanger has a larger capacity, does not produce after the boiling phenomenon, in the case of overheating protection, can not be long-term scaling.


    Such as fin and tube heat exchanger, only in the gas finned tube type heat exchanger, water gas linkage control system, transfer of finned tube heat exchanger can be applied in the water heater, and control of combustion and any reform the way of heat transfer are mutual influence, if there is no semi gas blast the intensified burner, volumetric heat exchanger is also difficult to achieve miniaturization for wall hanging furnace. Qidong Huxing central air conditioning cleaning company for water quality, through the test screened organic farms, composite water treatment pharmaceutical formulations.


    The formula has the advantages of corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor, and has the advantages of high temperature resistance, easy hydrolysis, etc., and is convenient to use. The acrylic acid in the formula is a dispersion type scale inhibitor, which can surround the colloidal particles in the water to achieve the purpose of dispersing and scale. Organic phosphorus salt is a chelate type antisludging agent, because the molecules containing the base and phosphate so can water with calcium and magnesium ions formed a stable complex, so as to achieve the purpose of chelating scale, transient organic acid salt and good corrosion inhibition, it is involved in or membrane cathode corrosion inhibitors, and ion complexation than poly phosphate is more stable, so protective film is more firm.